Lion Balcony Glazing System

Lion Balcony Glazing System

Despite the fact that it resembles with other balcony glazing systems in the market, this system is very different from them in terms of both technology and the materials used. Having the origin of design from Europe, these systems are produced by Acarlar Cambalkon firm in our own factory.

Having a 5-years guarantee, these systems are composed of specially designed ball bearings that have 21 corrosion resistant poliemid mantled steel balls. It prevents the water leak inside that could stem from rain with the help of its specially designed gutter system ensuring drainage of the water evaporating. Owing to its special aluminum casing and wing profiles, tempered glass and corrosion lath; special fiber brush, transparent h EXCO rovings and designs that give opportunity to adjust the glass according to every angle prevent rain water, dust or other negative factors to enter inside.

With child safety latches, both children’s safety and security precaution against burglary are ensured.

This system can be used easily in greenhouse systems, division of spaces with glass, balcony enclosure and winter gardens.

Lion Balcony Technical Qualifications

eing specially designed by our firm, AC system is lifted from upper side and is composed of durable imported balcony glazing and showcase systems.

One of the most important features of Acarlar Cambalkon systems which separates us from other balcony glazing systems is the fact that we assemble the glass to the profile instead of using silicone which shortens the system’s life by being eroded in time and so causes water, dust and other unwanted elements to come inside the balcony. Therefore, we ensure the system to have a longer life and we prevent some possible problems as falling or loosening to occur.

The system can fit any balcony with its adjustable height profiles. In every implementation, we use sill to hide the gap between the wall and the profile in order to give an elegant look.
Moreover, carrier rail is the mechanism that enables the system to move.

Materials used

Materials used in Acarlar Cambalkon systems

This system is lifted from upper side and the materials used are designed specially. Material choices have being made rigorously and the cheap products, which would decrease our quality standards, are avoided. Therefore, it has been our duty to warn our consumers against the firms that implement these systems in return to a price which is below a certain degree.

The large part of the products used has the international quality standards. You can see the details with expanding the picture next. The materials and their duties in balcony glazing system are:

Specially designed ball bearings that have 21 corrosion resistant poliemid mantled steel balls enable to easily slide the glass wings with little effort.

Wind lids provide an air proof space and prevent air blowing from inside to outside and vice versa.

With a help from specially designed guide set, you can easily displace the wings from their sockets.

With adjustable height profiles, you can hide the possible skews or gaps on edges of your walls and your space can have an elegant look

Moreover, carrier rail is the mechanism that enables the system to move.