Balcony Glazing Systems Features

These systems serve us the opportunity of catching a limitless freedom in our balcony; the only space in our domestic lives that we can be in touch with nature. They provide us a secure, trouble-free, dustless and clean space which is free from noise and dirt coming from outside; a space to relax and live a pleasant life.

Our balcony enclosure systems are not only used for balcony glazing, but they are also applicable for spaces as hotel or patisserie divisions, swimming pools and smoking areas with respecting public housing laws.

Acarlar Cambalkon strives at giving a high quality service with the most affordable price by its consideration of developing technology and concern of customer requirements. Different alternatives of installment options, guarantee card and after sales support are our core principles. For further and detailed information, please look through our website thoroughly. Additionally, for more information you can get in touch with our customer services line.

Technical Qualifications

Glassis system is the signifier of our firm’s expertise in its field; balcony glazing. Since the system has the feature of being lifted both from upper and under sides, it is especially effective in enclosure or division of large spaces.

In this system, it is ensured to prevent the raindrops to leak inside the balcony. With the fiber roving, dust, dirt and all other reasons that may change the air negatively are avoided. There are different wings with different sizes that can be adjusted in accordance with diverse types of ground and balcony.

Glasses used are secure and in case of any sudden impact, they smash into small pieces in order not to harm anyone around.

In addition, with the help of child safety latch, children cannot open these glazed windows and so they are protected from any accident of falling down.

Materials Used

The materials used in Glassis systems have the certificate of quality and they have the features of international standardizations. The materials are guaranteed in the cases of technical breakdown and production defects.

The best side of these materials is the fact that their glass image does not spoil the architectural appearance of your building, and so you can use these products in accordance with your will and intention freely.