Bird Repellent Spikes

The fact that other creatures in nature can use the spaces we build up for ourselves and design according to our own pleasure is unfortunately inevitable. One of the situations we want to avoid is the contaminating by the birds especially in our balconies, inside our windows, on the sills, the factory and house roofs. In these cases, the bird repellent spikes and barriers will disembarrass you with the solutions we offer.

Bird repellent spikes can be easily used on any surface that you want to avoid bird contaminating as the roofs, chimneys, windows and balconies.

This product prevents birds to settle on the surfaces it is applied. Therefore, it enables your spaces to remain clean and you can prevent possible future expenditure for need to kalsomine and to recondition. It relieves you of the effort to clean the places that you may have trouble in terms of reaching. It does not rust or decay and it is resistant to deformation. It montage is easy. It does not require washing necessarily. You can adjust its length by bending manually. You can use this product after sticking it on any surface. You can also tie them around the railings in your balcony and use them as a portable option.

By using these products, we can solve the problem by not harming the animals but considering that, they also have the right to live.

Bird Repellent Spikes Thecnical Qualifications

DURABILITY: Being composed of stainless steel and nickel, our bird repellent spikes do not rust in time. They are resistible for cold or moist weathers. They are not negatively affected by sun light. They cannot be broken easily owing to its elastic mold.

ECO-FRINEDLY: The materials used in bird repellent spikes are neither harmful for the birds nor us. They do not contain chemical. They are recyclable.

ISOLATED: Since our bird repellent spikes are dielectric, you can use them easily in spaces with electricity.

ELEGANT DESIGN: They can fit on any kind of surface and their design is eye pleasing.

Materials Used

Its material is steel spikes.